Brakes keep squealing, what’s wrong? Auto Repair Victoria

If you hear a squealing sound coming from your vehicle brakes, it means there might be something wrong with your brake system. Without a well-functioning brake system, you cannot safely slow or stop a car. This not only places yourself at risk but your endangering others that share the road with you. Other indicators could be; Brake Repair - Victoria - Auto Repair

1.         The vehicle pulls to one side when the brakes are applied;

2.         The brake pedals sink to the ground when pressure is applied;

3.         The brake light on the instrument panel is lit.

Notice that whichever situation it might be, it is always a good idea to get your brakes checked by a professional.

How do the brakes work?

A brake system is a hydraulic system that uses fluid as a force to apply the brakes. When you apply the brake pedal, a master cylinder which contains the fluid forces the fluid with proper pressure to the braking components to slow or stop your car.

In modern cars, there are three types of materials used in brakes: metallic, semi-metallic and ceramic pads. They are considered as good, better and best. All three types will safely stop your car, but metallic pads and semi-metallic pads produce dust and break noise while ceramic pads are virtually noise and dust free.

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