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Island Muffler and Auto Care Services, located in Victoria BC, recommends that for the optimal braking experience you really should bring your vehicle in and talk to our experienced brake installation experts. Every vehicle is different and having the right professionally installed braking system to protect yourself and your family is the most important decision you can make for your family car, SUV or Truck.

In general however, one of the most recommended braking solutions is the Raybestos EHT* Element3 Brake pads and braking system.

Element 3 Brakes, Brake Pads & Braking SystemsDrivers looking for top-of-the-line braking technology with unprecedented braking control and stopping power should look no further than Raybestos® EHT™ friction.

Element3™ EHT™ Enhanced Hybrid Technology friction offers:

  • The best attributes of ceramic and semi-metallic all in one pad
  • Unsurpassed stopping power and vehicle control
  • Domestic and import applications
  • Late model coverage
  • Improved pad wear and durability
  • Increased stopping power during aggressive braking

Considering Professional Grade Brake Pads and Braking Systems for your vehicle?

Professional Grade Brakes, Pads & Drums, Victoria, BC

The Raybestos Element3 Brake system has you covered! Raybestos Element3 PG™ Braking Solutions use the same ceramic & semi-metallic blend in your brakes, combining the finest noise and dust reducing qualities of a ceramic pad, together with the superior performance and durability of a semi-metallic pad.

Combine the Element3 OE Matched Brake Pads with Raybestos Professional Grade Brake Shoes and you’ll experience unbeatable braking performance for Vancouver Island’s slick & wet winter weather. Raybestos’ brake shoes are designed to work with front brake pads to provide stable, balanced braking. Raybestos® Professional Grade® Brake Shoes offer an industry-leading, full category coverage program (including parking brake shoes) for the following vehicles: Trucks, Police, Taxis, Fleet-type vehicles that require severe duty performance

Need Rotors, Calipers or Drums for your car, truck, SUV or Fleet Vehicles?

Brakes are an entire system of parts that work together for a seamless braking experience; and sometimes when “your brakes are going”, it can be difficult to determine exactly what part of your braking system is experiencing the most wear and tear and needs replacing. Many car owners have changed their brake pads, only to discover that the calipers, rotors & drums needed replacing instead. Guessing what part of your brakes needs replacing is painful, time consuming and expensive!

This is why it’s so important to call Island Muffler Auto Care Services in Victoria.

Our professional brake installation experts can help you save money and time by running a Brake Repair Victoriadiagnostic on your total braking system and tell you exactly what needs to be replaced now, when other parts will need to be replaced – and make car & truck maintenance and brake replacements painless!

To book your appointment with our auto care experts call us at (250) 385-7033 or bring your car, truck or SUV into our Repair and maintenance Workshop, located at 677 Burnside Rd E, Victoria, BC

You can also request an appointment with Island Muffler through our website!

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