Suspension – Shocks and Struts Replacement in Victoria, BC

If your vehicle is bouncing, pulling or hard to control the steering, that is not good or safe. You can regain precise control when your vehicle’s suspension is functioning properly. We can solve the control issues of your vehicle with the knowledge and equipment necessary to remedy the problems.

Island Muffler & Brake Offers Complete Automotive Suspension Services

Top brand names such as Monroe. Monroe Sensa-Trac struts are the ideal choice for many front wheel drive cars and minivans.

Exclusive “Road Sensing” technology provides enhanced response to changing driving conditions: a sure, smooth ride for normal driving conditions and added control when you need it. Monroe Sensa-Trac gas charged passenger car shocks are engineered for superior performance. Featuring exclusive PSD technology, these shocks provide added control without sacrificing comfort.

Whether you are driving on a smooth highway or a rough road, Monroe Sensa-Trac truck shocks are ideal for minivans, sport utility vehicles, light trucks and full size pickups.

Monroe’s line of Sensa-Trac shocks, struts and cartridges is the ideal choice for superior European car ride performance. The unique single groove position sensitive damping technology provides a sure, smooth ride under normal driving conditions and firm, positive control when driving becomes more demanding.

Our Auto Suspension Service List:

→ Suspension

→ Four Wheel Drive Service

→ Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) Service

→ Tires , Tire Rotation

→ Alignment – 2X & 4x Wheel Suspension and Steering Components

→ Rack and Pinion

→ Suspension Components

→ Control and Safe Ride

→ Conventional Suspension

→ Shocks & Struts

We Can Solve The Control Issues Of Your Vehicle

If your vehicle is bouncing, pulling or hard to control the steering, that is not good or safe.