Brakes and Repair in Victoria, BC

You and your family’s safety depend on a fully operating and reliable brake system. The benefits of an annual or regular inspection will ensure the reliability and safety of your brake system.

We Offer a lifetime Brake Warranty – Pads & Shoes

Our technicians undergo frequent training and upgrading so they’re experts with the latest ABS Systems (anti-lock braking systems) found on many cars and trucks today.

During our brake inspection we remove all the wheels from the vehicle which allows us to perform a comprehensive inspection. We then take the time to thoroughly explain any work that needs to be done. Island Muffler and Brake offers a lifetime warranty on pads and shoes and stand behind any work we do.

List of brake warning signs indicating the need for an inspection:warningsign

→ Low or spongy pedal

→ Hard brake pedal

→ Brake warning light stays on

→ Continuous squealing or grinding noise

→ Pulsations

→ Vibrations when applying brakes

Our Auto Brake Service List:

→ Diagnostics & Service

→ Pads and Shoes

→ Calipers and Wheel Cylinders

→ Master Cylinder and Power Brake Booster

→ Brake Fluid replacement and Flush

→ Anti-lock Braking system – Diagnostics & Service

→ Drums and Rotors

→ Drum and Disc Brakes

→ Checking Emergency Brake

We Provide Our Clients With a Written Estimate for all Work

We pride ourselves on the reputation we have built, and are committed to building long-term relationships – not just one-time sales!

Supplying Automotive Repair in Victoria, BC for over 40 Years.